About our Services

Global trade / trade finance challenges require custom solutions

  • Analysis of the import-export supply chain

  • Structuring and handling of import-export transactions, proprietary and on behalf of clients

  • Procurement  of  credit  lines  for general trading operations  to  facilitate cash flow needs

  • Specialist support for importers to set up credit   lines  for  opening  of  letters  of credit  purposes  near  their  local bank

  • Comprehensive advisory services

Our Solutions
  • The Transactional Finance : Use of  a wide range of financing solutions through international bank instruments, mainly in the form of letters of credit and guarantees, together with up and downstream cash facilities

  • Term financing of imports in China and for Chinese clients worldwide

  • Pre-export finance

  • Forfaiting

  • Factoring

  • Debt rescheduling

  • Brokerage

  • Compensation and barter transactions


PB Consulting provides its services on the basis of:
  • A commission for fullfilling a specific financial need of the client within a specific timeframe

  • A retainer agreement covering financial  or commercial advisory services over a given term

  • Generally, fees depend upon the level of the intervention involved and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis

  • PB Consulting is solely compensated for its services by clients thereby maintaining a clear position vis-a-vis the financial institutions.


  • Protect your business activity and goods, reduce drastically your financial cost, strengthen your supply chain and maximize your working capital with PB Swiss Consulting customized global trade and supply chain solutions

  • Our aim is to ensure that your import and export transactions are managed effortlessly and effectively, providing your business with the best possible opportunities to help manage risk and promote growth

  • Our  strength  is  the  ability  to  develop bespoke solutions implemented drawing on  the  coordinated intervention  of  our different partners

  • Thanks  to  our  large  network  we  are able to call on highly specialised partners within shipping, transport insurance, credit insurance, inspection, forwarding agents...

  • As key facilitator, we perform our activity as  across  per  three  fronts :  financial, goods / commodities  and  documentary, acting  as  the  sole  third  party  between importers  and  exporters

  • Our  constant  objective  is  to  seek  out solutions which  deliver the best balance between  quality  versus  price and  risk.

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