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Our international network of partners, closely acting as independent experts, specialized companies or as banking institutions, financial organisms can provide specific financial know-how and ad-hoc contacts or services related to international trade which companies seeks in terms of reliability and performances.

Pascal Benkada


Trade finance & Business advisor with a proven track record over 20 years.  Graduate in sciences and technology from the University of Besançon (France), in Trade finance with Institut Supérieur de Formation bancaire, Geneva (Switzerland) and as Quality Manager - Geneva.


Former Associate and Director with Comsefin S.A. - a financial service company, founded in 1983 by a former Vice-President of Bank Parisbas (Suisse) S.A.,who notably opened the bank rep. office in New York - Pascal Benkada was in charge of the whole management of the company for 12 years.


Pascal Benkada's broad experience spans all aspects of financing international trading operations in addition to the wide ranging of contacts established within Swiss and foreign trade / trade finance communities as well as the related service provider.


Justifying our activity


Medium sized companies do not usually have access to the limited pool of international financial expertise required to reduce financing costs with the ability to optimise the flow of funds globally. Therefore, they experience difficulties competing with largest companies or multinationals more able to benefit from their own financial resources and easier access to large specialiased financial institutions.

Our activity


Primarily trade finance but also including other commercial services.

Participants involved with trade finance include importers and exporters, banks and financiers, shippers, inspectors, insurers and other service providers.


According to World Trade Organisation (W.T.O.) some 80% to 90% of world trade relies on trade finance. Terefore, this business sector is of vital importance to the global economy. For this reason, it must be entrusted to specialists in the sector to facilitate smooth progress of transaction and to provide reassurance to all stakeholders.