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Launched in 2012, PB Consulting is an international consulting firm operating from Geneva (Switzerland) - one of the world's prime international financial center - and specializing primarilly in trade finance but also able to render financial and trade services in support of investment, development and trade activities. Our services were initially focused on Russia and CIS countries. However because of the geopolitical situation with Ukrain, they had to be redirected to another part of the world: China.

Indeed, on July 1,  2014 a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) entered into force between Switzerland and China.The scope of the FTA covers many sectors and aspects. In addition to the preamble, it contains provisions governing trade in goods and services. Therefore, PB SWISS CONSULTING is able to offer its services and KNOW-HOW to Chinese SMEs that have difficulties to finance their trade activities and are obliged to call the informal finance system where the interests rates could reach a level over 4 times of base lending rate.